Cyclone to be

By Amaris

A cyclone to be Riley Fisher, Scarlet softball superstar pitcher, has been a big part of East High School’s success as they placed second place at the state championship.

“No human is perfect,” said Fisher.

Starting when she was eight, Riley has grown out of being nervous about her pitching.   One thing on her mind usually before a game is food.

“The catcher and I think about food to calm our nerves before a game,” said Fisher.

As well as pitching Riley is a designated hitter. At one time her grandpa told her she was too old to become a pitcher.  But Riley said, “When I was younger, I just started.”

Since Fisher has a scholarship to Iowa State University, she plans to attend ISU to major in teaching so she can use her other talents as well. Fisher would like to go to the Olympics someday, but at this time softball and baseball are not events.

“I like to see the passion other players have for their sport,” said Fisher about her enjoyment of watching other sports.


A biography of Terrence

By Bryony

Terrence Thames looks like a normal person but if you get into a conversation with him, you will see that he has his own media production firm, which is not what most people do in their spare time.

He first became interested in media when he was 12. His mother’s friend worked at a news station. She offered to train him to use the equipment and took him with her to her job meet a news anchor and the reporter.

He was 14 when he first started working in media for his church. At age 16 he got a professional job in media . He runs his business from his house and is getting an office in Downtown Des Moines.

He travels frequently on business but cannot bring along his family because he has 3 young children; 2-year-old Naomi, 1-year-old T.J. , and 3-week-old Sariah. His wife Lizzy stays at home to take care of them. Lizzy was in nursing school before she had children, and once the children are old enough to go to school she hopes to go back to nursing school.

Terrence has no pets but wishes for a dog, if he could have any dog he would have a pit bull because he “Likes the idea of having a pit bull, and has had good experience with them,” said Terrence.

“Even though I stay pretty busy I do like to do other things besides media in my spare time,” said Terrence.

Terrence plays the drums, sometimes sings, and hangs out with his family. His favorite sport is track and field, his favorite track star is Jessie Owens, and his favorite food is “Probably lasagna.” And his least favorite food is cashews because he is allergic to them.

A great journalism week

By Pamela

From June 27th to July 1st 2011 the Summers Journalism Academy went to field trips every afternoon. All of us would board the bus and leave.

Monday we went on a tour of Principal Park. We took a behind scenes look at Principal Park. Half of the group interviewed Jonathan Mota and Marquez Smith, two baseball players that played for the Iowa Cubs.

Tuesday we actually went to the Iowa Cubs game. We interviewed fans. Most fans said that they liked to eat and enjoy ice cream.

“Nothing beats a winning game!” said Lisa Kritchman, the Director of the Summer Journalism Academy.

We went to the Iowa Hall of Pride on Wednesday. There are many exhibits for the whole family to enjoy. We played a lot of games.

Thursday we all went to Iowa City. It was a two hour long trip. To get there it took two hours, and to come back it also took two hours. We split up into 5 groups to go on a scavenger hunt through the athletic Hall of Fame.

“It was very factual,” says Abby.

“I liked the honk, honk,” says 11 year old Mya.

Today is Friday and the week is over. I will miss my tween Kylie and my other friends. This was a really great experience!

Terrence and his job in media

By Marionna

A full time worker, Terrence Thames loves media and his family too.

Terrence was born July 5, 1985. He has a wife and 3 kids. Naomi, 2, Terrence Jr, 1, and newborn Sariah.

He is a full time worker and works at two places. One is his own media production company called Advanced Media Production Firm

“I get to do what I love to do,” said Terrence.

He also works at the Principal Financial Group in Downtown Des Moines.

He became interested in media at the age of 12.

His wife Lizzy and mom help him with questions and ideas at the media production firm. His brothers and sisters Jasmine, Monte, and Daniel also help him out.

In his freetime, Terrence likes to hang out with his wife and children, go to church, play the drums and look for new ideas.

The crazy life of “Barbie”

Madison and Michaela pose with Shawn Johnson. Photo by Safie

By Safie

Madison Gray is nineteen years old; her birthday is November 22. She is going to Grand View University. She wants to be a teacher. Madison majors in Elementary education with endorsement, special ed, reading, and language arts.

“I wanted to be a teacher ever since I was in first grade. I told my first grade teacher, I want to be a first grade teacher like you.” She plans to be a teacher until she retires or opens up a cupcake shop with her mom and grandma.

When Madison was five her mom encouraged her to do ballet and tap, so Madison took the opportunity. She danced for ten years.

Barbie was Madison’s nickname in high school. Mathew is her boyfriend’s name. Mathew calls her pants or others call her Maddi. Madison was involved in lots of school activities like drama, speech, swimming, cheerleading, news paper, journalism, and volunteering. “I’m very busy I work four jobs, I teach swimming lessons and life guarding at Bird land, I teach summer Journalism, and I also work at cell again,” she said.

Shout out to Team Ben

The team in action in Iowa City.

The 10th Annual Summer Journalism Academy was a blast for Team Ben.

During the week, the students visited Iowa City, the Iowa Hall of Pride, they toured Principal Park and they attended an Iowa Cubs game.

“Going behind the scenes at Principal Park was my favorite part,” said Abby.

“The games at the Iowa Hall of Pride were fun, 3D and digital,” said Skyler.

The students were treated to meals at a student dorm while in Iowa City.

“The food in Iowa City was the best,” said DeVonte.

Attending the Iowa Cubs game was Lorena’s favorite activity.

“It was my first game and I really liked all of the extra things like the fountain and the games (between innings),” she said.

All of the students learned a lot about writing and taking pictures during the week-long camp.

“We learned to take pictures vertically,” said Devonte.

“You have to have at least half a face in pictures!” said Lenora.

Besides photography, the students wrote four stories about the various field trips from throughout the week.

“Now I know to write in the third-person,” said Javon.